SALES FLASH! Ryobi 6 Tool Set


Spring is in the air and we are seeing a LOT of spectacular sales going on.  There was a “Special Buy of the Day” at HD yesterday and they were blowing out Milwaukee combo packs.  And this week they are all but giving away this Ryobi set.  While I feel that their Ridgid line is, in most cases, a better choice (Better build quality, lifetime warranty, even on batteries) that doesn’t mean that the Ryobi One series is a bad choice as an entry level set.  Maybe money is tight, hell I’ve been there I get it.  Or maybe you just don’t feel like spending the extra cash.  For some people, entry level is all they will ever need and there is no reason to spend more.  And if you fall into this camp THIS IS FOR YOU.  In one box you every hand held power tool that you need.  You’re done.  BUT, and this is where Ryobi really excels, now that you are bought into their platform you have the choice of the single largest library of compatible tools.  And now that includes Lawn Tools!

I bought a starter set of the Ryobi tools with the idea of switching over.  In the end I stuck with Ridgid for a some reasons that work for me.  But if you want/need to keep things inexpensive this set is a no brainer.


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